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Had a tiring and long business meeting? Need to turn your mind off and let some endorphins loose?

We fully adhere to the concept of “Mens sana in corpore sano”, thus, our fitness area is sure to fulfill every demand of today’s dynamic individual.

Spanning two stories, this area sets its sights both on intensive and subtle fitness forms, the first floor housing a vast array of fitness equipment while the upper level focuses on aerobic and cardio.

Programme Special Classes

Organised group classes at Sky Fitness have been structured in such a way that anyone who wants to take exercises, beginners or advanced, can have the advantage to work with a professional instructor. Besides the last generation accessories and equipment, you will always find the necessary motivation to reach your goals and go beyond your limits.


18:30-  Indoor Cycling – Alexandru Stanescu
Taking benefit from high quality fitness bikes from Technogym, the indoor Cycling classes at Sky Fitness are especially conceived to help people burn more fat, no matter if they are beginners or advanced or they simply want to lose weight. The most important principle we defend is to take exercises, practice sport in order to maintain your health and be always in shape.

Our trainers are excellent professionals who are able to convert the Indoor Cycling classes in an authentic experience of health and good-spirits, thus helping the club members to surpass themselves.


18:00 TOTAL BODY- Luiza Ionescu
Dedicated to those who ask more from their body, Total Body classes at Sky Fitness truly test our participants’ willpower. You can work-out all parts of the body through exercises combining cardio elements with the fitness force ones. Fatigue and excessive sweating are quickly forgotten as you may find yourself delving into a state of wellness at the end of the class!

19:00- Indoor Cycling – Alexandru Stanescu

Sky Blue Hotel & Spa invites you to experience a unique concept in Romania ”Yoga and Halotherapy”, a concept that combines the benefits of a saline and colour therapy with those of the traditional Yoga in a more effective way. Yoga classes are structured by levels, the beginner-intermediate with a Yoga teacher, internationally certified by Yoga Alliance USA, one class lasting for 60 minutes. We wished to create a memorable experience for our guests that is why the saline is built upon pink Himalayan sea salt blocks, the purest salt on Earth, while the colour therapy is naturally obtained through a light placed behind the salt walls, offering a warm orange colour which increases the Yoga exercises’ effect. The saline floor is covered with pink crystals from the Himalayan salt in order to facilitate the inhalation and absorption of saline aerosols.

Traditional Yoga exercises promotes proper breathing, health and physical body flexibility, bringing balance to mind and spirit.

Adding these major benefits of salino-therapy we can immerse ourselves in holistic therapy, with anti-aging effects, relaxation, revitalization and invigoration ever since the first classes.


18:30 Indoor Cycling – Alexandru Stanescu


18:00 STEP TONE- Luiza Ionescu

Multiple commands steppers improve our Step Tone lessons at Sky Fitness, a perfect choice when it comes to aerobic training, using step as the main element to maximise the results. You can learn how to coordinate your movements, you sweat a lot and smile while fortifying your body during one single class, recommended both to beginner and intermediate levels.

Step sessions include benefits such as: reduced impact on wrists, eliminating the potential accidents caused by repeated jumping and dangerous torsions; introduce a healthy execution rhythm, adapted both for the beginners and the advanced; provide a fast weight loss at a pleasant pace; fortify the muscles of the hips, legs and abdomen, contributing to cellulite burning; strengthen the side butt muscles, thighs and hips.
19:00 Indoor Cycling Alexandru Stanescu


18:30  ZUMBA Luiza Ionescu
The end of the week is coming close, but that’s not an excuse to miss the Zumba lessons at Sky fitness.

Zumba is the fitness programme that makes you forget the physical effort and helps you feeling good as it brings together rhythmical and entertaining music with fitness principles of latino and international dances (samba, merengue, salsa, hip hop and reggaeton). Everything in a relaxed mood by means of a dynamic and catching training session.


10:00  BUTT&ABS Luiza Ionescu
Butt&Abs stays on the top of the exercises created for muscle development as they shape your abdominal muscles, strengthening side butts and increasing body flexibility. Classes are structured in such a way that they represent a true challenge for beginners, as well as for the advanced. Always smiling, your Sky Fitness trainer will coordinate your movements carefully so that your final results shall be precisely the ones you have proposed for yourselves.

11:00  Indoor Cycling Alexandru Stanescu





Luiza Ionescu

Luiza Ionescu

Fitness/Aerobic Trainer, Spinning
Indoor Cycling Special Classes

Alexandru Stanescu

Alexandru Stanescu

Instructor Fitness



KHAI-BO/AEROBIC Special Classes

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